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Pella's Response
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I filled out a survey for the 2008 installation.  I added this:

In case you can't read my handwriting, I wrote, "This is my third major Pella purchase.  I told and showed the sales rep. and project manager about a problem with a window purchased about 15 years ago.  They said service should come out and look at it, but did not schedule it.  I have since scheduled an appointment.  Hopefully, if the window has failed, Pella will stand by the product and fix the problem."

Response from Pella:  None, until 1/12/09

I submitted this document to both Pella serviceman Mike S. and Pella salesperson Rita B.

Response from Pella:  None, until 1/12/09

Pella Response Update:

On 1/12/09, I received a call from Jenny K., Pella's Auburn Hills Michigan Service Supervisor.  She wanted to know if there is anything that Pella could do for me.  I mentioned that I already paid to have the rotted window repaired, that I believe there may be more rot on other windows, and that I have heard from many others in similar situations as I am via feedback from my web site.  She asked if I would send a copy of the repair bill to her.  I faxed it to her that day.

1/26/09: After leaving messages for each other, Jenny K. called me back and said that Pella Corp will send me a check to reimburse me for the window repair costs I incurred.  I told her that was a great start, and that I'm still worried about the rest of my windows.  She asked me if I still receive feedback from my web site.  I told her I am receiving occasional emails from those who say their Pella Windows have rotted out and they do not know what to do.

I told Jenny K. I would update my site and put in a good word.  She said that Pella would appreciate that.

So thank you, Pella, for paying for the cost to repair my one window that definitely had wood rot.

1/30/09: Received reimbursement check from Pella Corp, quicker than promised. 

As I told Jenny K., time will tell whether or not the caulking I did around the aluminum clad windows will prevent future rot problems or if the damage was already done and will eventually surface.  It appears that there is no easy solution other than waiting it out, or replacing all of the windows.